11/30- Poll question changed!

11/24- Added Credits Section to Sleepaway Camp 2 section!

11/23- Added Credits Section to Sleepaway Camp 1 section!

11/22- Sleepaway Camp 3 section up!

11/21- Sleepaway Camp 2 section is finally up! Expect a Sleepaway Camp 3 section on Monday.

11/14- Once again I'm sorry the page hasn't been updated in awhile and waiting for the Sleepaway Camp 2 and 3 section. I'm sorry to piss you off, but they are still under construction. But anyways, the preview for a story called "CAMP ARAWAK REVISITED" is posted in the Fan Fiction section. Be sure to check it out. And don't worry SC 2 and 3 section will come out soon.

11/8- Sorry this site hasn't been updated in awhile. But anyways, as my friend, Faethor Frenscy was saying on the message board, I think we should all write SLEEPAWAY CAMP 4. The ending of Sleepaway Camp 3 was still never solved... So anyways, the story will be located in the Fan Fiction section. I will be writing the opening scene, while each other scene will be written by YOU (the fans)!!! Right now is just a preview of Sleepaway Camp 4.

10/28-A Monthly Poll was added. A guestbook and a mailing list were also put on the page.

10/26- The Movies section was made. The Message Board was added. The Multimedia section was put up. Also, the site introduction was written. The Chat room was also put up.

10/25- Today is the grand opening of Sleepaway Camp: The Web Site of Angela Baker. Not much has been made, but keep checking back because this web site is updated frequently.