1. Phoebe- Bashed in the head with a block of wood, tongue cut off with hunting knife.

2. Brooke- Found as a skeleton. Possibly burnt to death.

3. Jodi- Set on fire.

4. Mare- Drilled.

5. Anthony- Freddy Krueger claw slashes his throat open.

6. Judd- Chainsawed to the leg, and later stomach.

7. Ally- Stabbed two time to the back, later put into toilet filled with leaches.

8. Demi- Strangled with guitar string.

9. Lea- Stabbed four times with knife.

10. T.C.- Battery Acid to the face!

11. Sean- Decapitated.

12. Ralph- Angela drags his dead body up to the cabin.

13. Emilio- Throat slashed.

14. Charlie- Knifed.

15. Uncle John- Hand chopped off and throat slashed.

16. Rob- Sock through the mouth.

17. Diane- Stabbed in the stomach with a knife.

18. Woman in Truck- Stabbed.

19. Molly- Killed off screen.