Timeline by Garrick Parker

1935 -- Possibly the birth of Norman Bates. He was adopted to Norma Bates.
1947 -- Norman poisons his mother. Mentioned in Part 2. Yet in Part 4 they said he killed his mother at age 16.
1947 -- Norman Bates steels his mother's dead body from her casket.
1960 -- Norman Bates murders Marion Crane and 6 other girls. He is arrested for 22 years.
1982 -- Norman is rehibilitated and goes back to his home and Lila Loomis and her daughter dress up as MOTHER and kill some of the visitors of the motel. Norman later kills his actual MOTHER Miss Emma Spool.
1982 (a month later) -- Norman once again dresses up as mother and starts murdering again! He is later taken to prison "forever"
1990 -- Norman Bates is married to a nurse at the asylum and calls a radio station about his demented life as a child. Norman finally becomes good.
12 September 1992 -- The death of Anthony Perkins. His memory is with us, and we remember the joy he brought us with his acting. God Bless you Tony.

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